Welcome to Jo Avalons Cottage

A sacred online community to support you in creating & living a spiritually-centred life

About Jo Avalon

My name is Jo Avalon and I've been connecting with people for over 10 years within the context of my business Avalon by Nature.  I've created the Cottage to bring you all together so that we can share experiences and lift each other up in a safe and nurturing environment.

Join Us

Walk through our door to participate in meaningful conversations, member-focused classes, and personal spiritual growth.  The group is free to join and in time, paid courses and events will be added.

The first 48 people to join Jo Avalon's Cottage will receive free access to the first 5 Classes where content will be available for the duration of your membership.  After that, any new Classes will be available for a small fee each, and the content will be available for the duration of your membership of that class.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining - your participation will help to grow a nurturing community and support me to create more learning opportunities for you.

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